Delivery Time

All of our swimwear products are being shipped out of China.

We are trading with reliable suppliers, who deliver quality products and are well experienced in shipping products all around the world

Because of our secure shipping method, the delivery time is extended a bit, but because of this, we are also able to offer FREE SHIPPING and much lower prices on our products than the average market. 

We will of course be with you the whole way from when you order the product, untill you have the item in your hands. We are very open in terms of refunds and returning a product. What matters the most, is that you as a customer are satisfied.

We deliver swimwear products to the following countries and within the following time frame:

Country Delivery Time
Australia 2-3
Austria 3-6
Belgium 3-6
Canada 2-4
Denmark 3-6
Finland 3-6
Germany 3-6
Hungary 3-6
Ireland 3-6
Norway 3-4
Poland 3-6
Portugal 3-6
Russia 2-4
Saudi Arabia 4-6
Sweden 3-6
Switzerland 3-6
UK 3-6
Ukraine 2-4
USA 2-3


Our beachwear products are being shipped out of the US, which will would improve the delivery time tremendously, depending on which country you order from.

If you have a question on a specific product, please send us a message through our contact page.